New Phone: Motorola X Pure Edition (2015)

I’ve finally purchased a new phone, and so far I am loving it.  

The old phone I had was ‘waterproof’ up to military specifications, but when I was in Los Angeles I went swimming with my old phone on Venice Beach, since that day the phone has never been the same.

So I decided to go ahead and purchase a 2015 Motorola X Pure Edition 32GB with Bamboo Exterior (much like this).  The Bamboo is of great quality, and many people want to stroke my wood (pun intended).

Things I love about this phone:

  • The Charging: 0 percent to 40 percent in 10 minutes and a full charge in around an hour.
  • The Front Facing Speakers: While they are tinny, they are loud.  It makes it so much easier to watch a video or play a game in noisier environments.  If I’m listening to music I will most likely be using headphones.
  • Tethering: Free tethering with a Verizon Unlimited Data Plan.
  • The Camera: The Camera shoots awesome quality.  One of the best camera phones I’ve had.
  • My Phones Background: 


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