List of Goals for 2017

We all need goals in life… and I have decided I need to make some Goals for 2017.

1. Loose Weight

I would like to get under 200 pounds.  Right now I’m well north of 200 pounds of plumpness.  To this I’m going to have to eat healthier, stop chugging soda and start working out.

2. Drive into a Hurricane

Yes you read that right.  In 2014 I witnessed a powerful EF4 tornado and this year I accidentally drove inside a weak EF1 tornado (stupid, I know.) This year I would really like to witness a hurricane – however I will be just as happy if none make landfall.

3. Take A Cross Country Train Trip

I have enough points saved up for a cross country train trip in a private room with all meals included.  I want to do that.  I’m hoping to do it in spring, before the tourism season starts but still when its nice and you can get a great view.

4. Learn a New Programming Language

I’m not sure which language I would like to learn, but I would like to add to my skill-set so I can do more cool things.

5. Become a General

Yea, you read that right.  This year I would like to become a general class amateur radio operator.  Its a class of license you get from the Federal Communications Commission.  Right now I hold a technician class license.  A general class license would allow me more privileges.