My Secret Facebook Profile

Facebook keeps a secret profile of people… information that they gather from secret sources they don’t tell you about.  These sources can be data brokers, browsing cookies and public records. It is also likely that the algorithm also monitors your facebook activity for trends. I thought I would share some of my secret Facebook profile and my thoughts on how correct it may be.  Facebook obtains this information in order to help it make money off you by delivering more targeted advertisements to you based off from your interests.

Primary OS: Mac OS X

Yep, I use Mac OS X.  This is likely very obvious to Facebook who can gather that information from your browser every time you visit their website.  Not really surprised by this one. They further show that I primarily use Chrome and that I have Sierra OS installed on my Mac.

Community Issues

I’ve been known to be involved in various community issues from Disability Advocacy to calling out people that refuse to shovel their sidewalk.  I think that the assessment of me being involved in community issues is spot on.  This information was likely obtained by either Facebook posts or analyzing public records.

Politically Moderate

This is really spot on.  I was actually just telling a friend this morning (via Facebook Messenger) that I have issues I agree with both parties on.  This was likely obtained from posts about me talking about my political stances and is without a doubt 100 percent accurate of my political stance.  I vote split ticket in every election.

TV8 in Turkey

This one is one of the many completely wrong things that Facebook has assumed about me.  Facebook assumes I like TV8 in Turkey even though I’ve never been to turkey, and have never even heard of TV8 in Turkey.  My guess is they assumed this based off from my posts regarding a local tv station WOODTV8 (which it has me listed as interested in) and they political coup in Turkey last year.

Open Adoption

Facebook has discovered I have a daughter, and she is in an open adoption.  While this is no big secret I think it is interesting that this is one of the things that Facebook has identified about me.  I can’t imagine this is a significant population of people interested in open adoption, however adoption agencies make lots of cash and I also know they pay significant amounts of money for online advertising targeting potential parents of unwanted children and hopeful adoptive parents.

Other interests are completely ridiculous.  Facebook has me listed as interested in Memes which is correct, but a funny thing to document and Javanese language which I have never heard of before (I had to Google it).  Others are down right creepy and include that I’m a domestic violence victim and have obtained a protection order against a stalker down to sexual preferences (not gender, more detailed that that).

If your interested in seeing your secret facebook profile go to

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