I Hate Politics

I’ll be honest I hate politics, and some actions last night locally in a government body just reminded me of how in my area politics is only getting worse. When Politics get involved the people end up loosing.  I define politics as an elected or appointed official serving either a political party or themselves and not the people that elect them into office, often taking actions that directly oppose the will of the people.

Being a public servant in an elected role is an often very thankless job, filed with difficult decisions that often no matter what decision you make someone will be disappointed at minimum,  but those decisions can often have much more significant impacts including people loosing their homes, jobs, income, mobility.  Sometimes decisions are made that upset a small minority for the improvement of the whole community.  I only got a small taste of this with some of the issues I had to deal with on a board I was appointed to.

Last night a local elected official who has a history of interfering with police officers resulting in her spending time in jail, put a fire truck out of service to fill her swimming pool, remaining silent while her husband who was employed at a school sexually abused a special education student, and embezzling $63k from a non profit she worked for to get spa treatments made a backroom deal to put herself in a position of greater power.  She agreed to cross party lines in backroom meetings to make the minority party the chair of the board in exchange for them voting to make her the vice chair, a position that she knows she would not be able to legitimately obtain as her history would preclude that.

Stephanie Moore (Bell) isn’t serving the public here, she is serving a constituency of one, her self.  The Republicans also put a woman who has a history of embezzlement and abuse of power into a position of higher power and a heart attack away from being in charge in order to grab power themselves.  The only people who loose in this are the constituents themselves as this whole year the County Board of Commissioners will be in a power struggle instead of doing the business the public expects.  In Kalamazoo its starting to look more like the House of Cards, than The West Wing.

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