Life Hack: USPS Informed Delivery

I have a PO BOX… and for years now I get an email whenever I have mail in my PO BOX.  Most of the time just like every other mailbox (or email inbox) its junk that I could care less about.  So I would often hike through the rain, snow or work my way to the post office for junk mail.  That is no more.  Foe years the post office has taken pictures of your mail, they do this as part of their automated sorting of mail.  The machines recognize both writing, typography and those bar codes.  In 2013 they also admit they retained this data for big brother, and finally they have started to use this data for the consumer.

Now every morning at 8am I get an informed delivery notification which includes a picture of my mail.  This way I can decide if I want to go downtown to the post office to get it, or wait until something more important comes along.

Below is an example of the notifications.

USPS informed delivery notification
Email notification from USPS Informed Delivery

For those wanting to try Informed Delivery from the postal service just go sign up at their website.  As of this point you can’t use a business account on to get informed delivery.  I’m also told that the post office is encouraging people to sign up for this that are not getting mail delivered as expected as this is a good way to find out if someone is taking your mail.

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