Photos: Fire at Staples and North in Kalamazoo

As I was walking waiting for the bus downtown to come home I started smelling smoke and heard a ton of sirens in the direction of my house.  As I walked a couple in the direction of home of blocks ash started falling in the downtown Kalamazoo area and the smoke got more dense.  
I texted a friend of mine that works at a local news media outlet, and he told me the block it was on and I became curious as I once lived on that block so I walked to that direction.  That was the last text my phone will ever make, the screen became unreadable after that.

It was a house fire near the intersection of Staples Ave and North Street in Kalamazoo.  I took a couple pictures on my phone (which the screen broke earlier today on, so I couldn’t see what I was taking pictures of, or even if the camera )

It is unknown at this time if there were occupants in the home.

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