Life Hack: Worship Music

I’ve been having anxiety a lot lately and I’ve found comfort in something I used to do a long time ago.   

photo from when I worked in a soundbooth in a church in 2009

These last few weeks have been stressful for me.  I have surgery coming up this month, this is my first surgery every and is the result of a botched medical procedure that should of been simple.  I have to travel to a hospital hours away to get it.  I’m scared.  I also have been subpoenaed regarding the individual that pulled a knife on me and I’m stressing about testify regarding that.

Many years ago I used to listen to Worship music almost all the time.  It was almost the only thing I listened to.  It comforted me when I was stressed and helped me through times when I felt I just couldn’t get through it.  For many reasons I stopped listening to it.   Over the last few days I’ve just started listening to it on my Google Home throughout the day and its been calming.  I’m going to try and listen more and more.  It has seemed to help more than anything else.

Here is my favorite worship song.

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