Beauty Is Often Deadly

Hurricane Irma Velocity Mode from Key West Florida NWS Radar

Over the last few days I have been watching a very well defined Hurricane, Hurricane Irma on various satellite and radar sites.  It is indeed a very beautiful storm to observe, but it is also a very deadly storm.   I am reminded of the first large tornado I saw, the April 9th 2015 Rochelle IL tornado.  As I watched the storm I remarked how beautiful it was.  It truly was beautiful.  However that storm also killed people, destroyed homes and trapped people in a restaurant.

The same goes for wildlife and plants.  It often seems that beauty can also be a big warning.  Plants and animals that are deadly are often decorated with bright colors, that while beautiful warn of how deadly the creature is.

The same also goes for relationships.  Beauty and the things that attract mens eyes are also a warning for us often to stay away.  I fell into a relationship with a woman who cheated on me numerous times and abused me.  She is now married and doing the same thing to her husband.  I was young at the time, and stupid.  She clearly was not a Christian.

So while God’s creations can have beauty  and it can be admired, it must be respected as well.   It must also not be used to entice us to do stupid things.

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