Kalamazoo City Elections 2017 – Who I’m Voting For

Its that time of year again… and I’ve wrestled for the last week on who I will vote for Tuesday.  This year has not been an easy selection for me.  There are three seats up for grabs on the Kalamazoo City Commission and five candidates.  The mayor position is also being elected with three candidates, two of which are write in.

Disclaimer: I have made small campaign contributions to Bobby Hopewell’s campaign and Eric Cunningham’s campaign.  I also signed the nominating position for Erin Knott  and would of contributed to Knott’s campaign but her donation site was not HTTPS secure and I don’t put my credit card information on anything that isn’t.

I believe that money often is important in elections and it often shows who has whose support.  The Kalamazoo Gazette ran a great article on the campaign contributions.

The Mayor of Kalamazoo

This one is actually pretty easy.  Out of the the three candidates one actually met filing deadlines and appears on the ballot, Bobby Hopewell.  Wahmhoff failed to meet a filing deadline to be on the ballot and Hussar appeared out of the middle of nowhere.  Had I not noticed him a week ago on the cities website I would not of even known he had been running.

I believe meeting deadlines is important as a mayor, so I will be supporting Bobby Hopewell.

The Kalamazoo City Commission

This one is a little more difficult.  Two incumbents are up for re-election, one former commissioner and two new comers.  A current commissioner is not seeking re-election.  For the incumbents and former commissioner I have considered most importantly personal conversations and voting histories I’ve had with them.

For the new comers  as well as the former commissioner I’ve considered their attendance to commission meetings as I believe if you are running to fill a seat on a body you should be attending its meetings.  I’ve also considered their public stance on issues.

As a moderate I did not consider party affiliation, although I do believe a decent conservative candidate would be nice to give a voice to those on the right on the commission.

I’ve decided I’m supporting Erin Knott, and Eric Cunningham.  While I can vote for a third person I don’t believe I can support another candidate.   This third seat I wrestled with for a long time, but none of the other candidates I feel comfortable with.

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