Need Help: Attempting To Move On From Abusive Partner

I need help.  I’ve been making moves to move on from an abusive partner that has been twice convicted of domestic violence against me (one case is sealed as she completed probation.)  Yes I was stupid and I let her back, repeatedly.  Shes been gone for nearly a year now yet she continues to harass and stalk me at every move.   I need help.

She has been gone for my life for years and only was here for a short stay when she was fleeing her allegedly abusive husband and was afraid to return to her parents last year.  When she was with me she stole a number of high value possessions of mine including a pocket watch that was my great grandparents and other unmentionables.  She refused to return them and told me she would call the police if I tried to get them returned so I left her alone and decided it was just not worth it.

Photo of my ex friend requesting me on SnapChat (other notifications with names redacted)

Fast forward to this last weekend.  I had a date.  I was excited about it.  It was with someone I really like.  She is also amazingly smart.  I can see it going somewhere.  I was excited so I posted about it.  My ex knew I was moving on from her and felt threatened.  In an attempt to control me she decided she was going to try and reach out to me again, likely claim to be in some sort of distress.  She sent me a friend request on SnapChat.  It upset me for a bit but I went about my Saturday.  However her obsession with controlling me does not end there.

On Sunday she decided to get on Google Drive and send me erotic stories she had been writing along with pornographic photos of herself that are embedded in the stories.  Suffice to say I won’t be sharing the pornographic photos of her as that’s illegal but here is the screenshot of the items in my shared with me folder on Google Drive  with her items on the top left.  I have retained electronic and physical copies of the items she sent however.

Screenshot of shared items on Google Drive with other names redacted

This is her method of operation to get under my skin.  She will send porn of herself, in the past she has cheated on me and recorder herself doing so and it would either send it to me or play it to get under my skin.  After going back to her husband she made recording of them having sex and sent them to me just to try and get under my skin.

I’ve been told she has once again also been contacting friends of mine attempting to harass and threaten them.  Most of my friends know to not even reach out to me about it as its become a persistent thing over the last year, but she has in recent times contacted friends and family of mine and made significant efforts to screw with my life and even side jobs I’ve had.  She often when a friend talks to her gets really graphic into what our sex lives were like just to disgust them.

I Need Help

I don’t ask for help often.  But I need it.  From past dealings with the courts and police on this they treat online stalking and harassment very differently than in person or telephone stalking.  Perhaps it is also just how they treat genders differently.

Literally I had a personal protection order against her and she was sending me threatening messages which I made a police report about.  When it came time renew the PPO a Circuit Court Judge in Kalamazoo stated, “Thats just her way of saying hello”

I don’t want her saying hello.  I want her gone from my life.  Irradiated like the pest she always was.   I need help doing it.  I don’t have a decent lawyer, I can’t afford one.  The friend of mine I had a date with does not practice that type of law and I feel it would be ethically improper for her to take it up.  I need help getting a PPO and I need help getting the criminal justice system to take her stalking seriously.

I’m also making this post publicly not only as a plea for help, but to show how difficult it can be to move on from an abusive relationship when the justice system doesn’t take stalking seriously.


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  1. Hey

    Dont worry. Everyone is pretty much aware of who she is by now. We are all pissed when you let her stay with you, but I get why you did it.

    I remember when she accused the mayor of Kalamazoo of hacking the police to try and get out of beating you. Shes a terrible terrible person.

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